A Failed Root Canal And A Dead Hollow Tree!


If you want to understand why root canal treatments may sometimes fail, imagine a tree that is dead with its softer core completely disintegrated leading into an empty space. It will not be so long before it gets populated by all sorts of squatters sheltering in that space! From tiny insects, to small mammals! If we try many times to vacate the tree’s interior from its occupiers with different types of chemicals, and fumigating products, each time after a while, their remnants will always repopulate that space, unless we eliminate that inside-space by filling it tightly by pouring concrete inside, all the way to the tiniest spaces and voids into its hollow branches. There will be no room left for the remnants of these unwanted residents to repopulate again. The following article about failed root canal will explain how this parallel describes Root Canal Treatment; a “Successful One of course”! Ehab Ismail,D.D.S.

Failed root canal by By Dr. David Hall..

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Dead hollow trees pic


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